Mesa Verde National Park – Vacation Rental

Are you looking to immerse yourself in the history of Mesa Verde National Park? Mountain Bike the hills of Phil’s World? Or, tour the stunning San Juan Wilderness?Casa Cielo is the place for you! Located on the edge of a piƱon-juniper lined canyon, in southwestern Colorado, this cozy home is the perfect vacation home from which to explore this enchanted area.

The Ancestral Puebloans of Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park - Cliff Palace

Mesa Verde National Park – Cliff Palace

Casa Cielo is located a mere twenty minutes from the Mesa Verde National Park entrance and its beautiful new visitor center. At the visitor center one can get an overview of the stunning archaeological sites that make this area a UNESCO World Heritage site. Further into the park one can actually travel in the footsteps of the Ancestral Puebloans as she climbs through such places like Cliff Palace and Balcony House.

Mountain Biking at Phil’s World

For those who like to ride single track, a visit to Phil’s World is a must! This fantastic set of single track trails is located in the shadow Mesa Verde National Park, and is home to the 12 hours of Mesa Verde mountain bike race in the spring. And don’t forget, a perfect warm up for your day out on the trails of Phil’s World, is a spin on Casa Cielo’s very own private trail, designed and built by Phil himself.