Time Flies in Windy Spring of Colorado Southwest

Too much activity has kept us busy and away from posting here these past few seasons! But spring has blown in with all manner of crazy weather patterns from 60 degree days slipping into temperatures in the 20’s with snow and hail…our poor trees are confused and having to “regroup”.  This has put a damper on the ability to garden with much certainty plus the “helpers” are no longer here, so the plot has shrunk to something more workable with all the other demands of keeping the properties comfortable for your get away visit! But our farmers markets in Dolores and Cortez do prevail for your pleasure in creating healthy meals and as usual, our hiking trail will boost your energy and heart rate and spirits…! Happy trails…

“Falling” Into Fall

A bit cooler in the evenings, garden is at end of its production and some of the potatoes and carrots will stay in the ground for harvest later in cold weather times that call for hearty soups. Pickling cukes and cleaning out those “black hole” areas around the place that seem to suck in scrap lumber and trash have been our fall tasks. The casa flower beds have been dead-headed and trees trimmed for a beautiful burst next spring which is one of mother nature’s showiest times here on the property. Definitely a time for relaxing at the casa dining table and taking in all the Montezuma Valley views just beyond the splash of colors that are waiting to fill the landscape. But don’t forget,  a hot cup of tea after a day of snow shoeing or skiing, all of which are very accessible from the casa, can be a spot on your winter calendar travels, too! Come and take it all in….happy trails!

Yikes! Spring Is Blowing In Mightily

In spite of the time change and longer daylight hours, the crazy winds and cold fronts continue to discombobulate the poor trees that are bursting into bloom. But die-hards that we are, planting has begun in the lower garden down from the view of the casa. So hope springs forth in our hearts, along with this season, that the seeds will “take” and bring us bumper crops of potatoes, fresh table greens, garlic, carrots, and strawberries. Maybe YOU will be a possible recipient of some of this bounty while visiting the casa this summer or fall ?!? Another spring project is about to begin at the casa’s great yard space for our visiting furry friends. We will be putting a “doggie door” into the adjacent studio building so our 4-legged friends can get out of the weather or sleep inside if they so desire. May the “winds of fate” blow you our way for a special experience at the casa and in our truly captivating area of the country. Happy trails!

Winter-Spring Confluence!

It’s been a rather peculiar winter for us here in the southwestern part of the state of Colorado. Some very cold single digit nights blasted through and early snows dropped their quiet, crystaline, blankets that not only the skiers enjoyed, but our dormant trees got a good soaking to boot. To our dismay, and most unexpectedly, the temperatures started to rise with 50-60 degree days, the snows melted. And voila! the tree buds started to swell. Apple leaves burst forth with a vigorous “hurray” only to be zapped with the wild swing away from the early hints of spring. And voila! the apples will have to start again the slow movement of sap, to bud, to leaf, to fruit, if we’re lucky….However,  we’re not holding our breath for a crop since everything seems so erratic, but we can’t help but peruse the seed catalogues for our summer gardens! Hopefully, this effort will produce “fruit”, and if you make it out to visit the casa at the right time, your table will be filled with a heap of greens and herbs…..see you in the spring, or maybe winter, or maybe summer…..! happy trails, jeanne

Stellar Fall Colors

Mother Nature has gone out of her way to please those of us who take advantage of the near perfect weather conditions to hike and bike the Colorado landscapes. The changing leaf colors are a spectacle of reds, oranges, peachy-apricots, limes and mustards! So with that culinary description on your palette, any long walk in the mountains will have you planning and creating a sumptuous meal on your return to the casa.

You are invited to partake of our small cornucopia from the garden grounds. Beets, carrots, chard, onions…..can you already smell that roast in the oven or simmering stew waiting for a dip from the baguette ? This luscious supper invite and lounging on the portal with a hearty red wine, gazing at the equally colorful sunsets is yours to be had too! You spring and summer guests may just have to consider a new season next year for your return visit…..happy trails!

Labor Day Calls in Fall

Summer has whistled through with bursts of blasting heat, blustery winds,  and late cool monsoon rains.  The sum total of which has had all of us “confused”,  including the trees! A few spuds have come out of the garden below the casa along with a few mutant looking carrots that are either too small for even a bunny to go after or bigger than they could dig with back up help from other nibblers….But overall, the sunsets have been glorious, the shades of the casa porches luscious, and the nearby Dolores River waters inviting to splash around in at the end of our hot days.  Annie, our pooch, never seems to tire of greeting all our guests and makes us stop and take the time to scratch her ears or go for a walk on the short hiking/biking trail here at the casa. We’re anticipating a delightful fall with all its color changes and near-perfect hiking conditions! Here’s hoping you’ll come out our way to enjoy also….

Hot, hot, hot!

Well, we’ve adopted the Spanish custom of taking a mid-afternoon siesta because of the sweltering heat: wake up early, do your chores in the garden, and of course there is always something to maintain on the property, then get inside before you melt! Our current guests don’t seem to mind it though! Everyday they have been either out on their rode bikes, or riding Phil’s World on mountain bikes rented from Kokopelli Bike and Board in Cortez. In fact, they enjoyed Phil’s World so much they’ve stayed two extra days!

Anyway, if you’re looking for something fun to do in the heat then get on out here! And, of course, the mornings and evenings are the witching times anyway, and it’s a perfect temperature then.