“Falling” Into Fall

A bit cooler in the evenings, garden is at end of its production and some of the potatoes and carrots will stay in the ground for harvest later in cold weather times that call for hearty soups. Pickling cukes and cleaning out those “black hole” areas around the place that seem to suck in scrap lumber and trash have been our fall tasks. The casa flower beds have been dead-headed and trees trimmed for a beautiful burst next spring which is one of mother nature’s showiest times here on the property. Definitely a time for relaxing at the casa dining table and taking in all the Montezuma Valley views just beyond the splash of colors that are waiting to fill the landscape. But don’t forget,  a hot cup of tea after a day of snow shoeing or skiing, all of which are very accessible from the casa, can be a spot on your winter calendar travels, too! Come and take it all in….happy trails!

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