Labor Day Calls in Fall

Summer has whistled through with bursts of blasting heat, blustery winds,  and late cool monsoon rains.  The sum total of which has had all of us “confused”,  including the trees! A few spuds have come out of the garden below the casa along with a few mutant looking carrots that are either too small for even a bunny to go after or bigger than they could dig with back up help from other nibblers….But overall, the sunsets have been glorious, the shades of the casa porches luscious, and the nearby Dolores River waters inviting to splash around in at the end of our hot days.  Annie, our pooch, never seems to tire of greeting all our guests and makes us stop and take the time to scratch her ears or go for a walk on the short hiking/biking trail here at the casa. We’re anticipating a delightful fall with all its color changes and near-perfect hiking conditions! Here’s hoping you’ll come out our way to enjoy also….

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