Stellar Fall Colors

Mother Nature has gone out of her way to please those of us who take advantage of the near perfect weather conditions to hike and bike the Colorado landscapes. The changing leaf colors are a spectacle of reds, oranges, peachy-apricots, limes and mustards! So with that culinary description on your palette, any long walk in the mountains will have you planning and creating a sumptuous meal on your return to the casa.

You are invited to partake of our small cornucopia from the garden grounds. Beets, carrots, chard, onions…..can you already smell that roast in the oven or simmering stew waiting for a dip from the baguette ? This luscious supper invite and lounging on the portal with a hearty red wine, gazing at the equally colorful sunsets is yours to be had too! You spring and summer guests may just have to consider a new season next year for your return visit…..happy trails!

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