Winter-Spring Confluence!

It’s been a rather peculiar winter for us here in the southwestern part of the state of Colorado. Some very cold single digit nights blasted through and early snows dropped their quiet, crystaline, blankets that not only the skiers enjoyed, but our dormant trees got a good soaking to boot. To our dismay, and most unexpectedly, the temperatures started to rise with 50-60 degree days, the snows melted. And voila! the tree buds started to swell. Apple leaves burst forth with a vigorous “hurray” only to be zapped with the wild swing away from the early hints of spring. And voila! the apples will have to start again the slow movement of sap, to bud, to leaf, to fruit, if we’re lucky….However,  we’re not holding our breath for a crop since everything seems so erratic, but we can’t help but peruse the seed catalogues for our summer gardens! Hopefully, this effort will produce “fruit”, and if you make it out to visit the casa at the right time, your table will be filled with a heap of greens and herbs…..see you in the spring, or maybe winter, or maybe summer…..! happy trails, jeanne

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