Yikes! Spring Is Blowing In Mightily

In spite of the time change and longer daylight hours, the crazy winds and cold fronts continue to discombobulate the poor trees that are bursting into bloom. But die-hards that we are, planting has begun in the lower garden down from the view of the casa. So hope springs forth in our hearts, along with this season, that the seeds will “take” and bring us bumper crops of potatoes, fresh table greens, garlic, carrots, and strawberries. Maybe YOU will be a possible recipient of some of this bounty while visiting the casa this summer or fall ?!? Another spring project is about to begin at the casa’s great yard space for our visiting furry friends. We will be putting a “doggie door” into the adjacent studio building so our 4-legged friends can get out of the weather or sleep inside if they so desire. May the “winds of fate” blow you our way for a special experience at the casa and in our truly captivating area of the country. Happy trails!

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